Vir Special Ship Pvt. Ltd. - Ocean Transportation Services

Vir Shipping is a part of the Boxco Logistics. It shall own a fleet of specialized Ro Ro Ships to cater to the ever increasing demand of the industry. It specializes in Worldwide Ocean Transport of ODC, SODC, and Abnormal Load Transportation which would be constrain for regular sea going vessels.

A team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals, with years of experience and the mindset to think out of box, enables us to offer innovative and safe solutions for clients technically and logistically complex requirements.

Careful Planning, Engineering, Co-ordination and Supervision to ensure safe transportation are all in a day's work.

Our commitment to meeting the demands of our customers and the motivation to blaze new paths in efficiently mastering the emerging challenges are the wind in our sails.

Vir Special Ship Pvt Ltd

Godrej Coliseum, Office No. 801,
8th Floor, C-Wing, Behind Everard Nagar,
Off. Somaiya Hospital Road,
Sion (East), Mumbai - 400022


Tel : +91 22 22663253

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